Stay tuned with J4Source with its unmatching technologies. With our new integrated Multi component Messaging Platform, we have changed the lives of millions who where subscribed to the corporate services worldwide. At J4Source we use the latest technology, which spreads from SMS to the most mordern IVR technologies. Join Today, be a part of global community with J4Source.

JobTV is an online Job Posting & Applying service. TV will act as front medium to publish various kinds of Job vacancies with Job Requests with unique codes. Those who are seeking the job will have to send these codes with specified format to short code. If you have allready registered with us, your resume will be directly going to the employer instantly when you send the unique code by SMS or It will automatically register the user against the vacancy for the requested code.

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Welcome to J4Source Email Messaging System - Targeted email marketing uses fresh email lists and well targeted opt in email lists to deliver high traffic and sales yielding email campaigns.
DIGI MAG-Signage software
DiGi Mag is a unique Digital Advertising System (DiGiMag), with the features of playing Video Files(Movie clippings, Ads), Live News updates, Stock Exchange Rate, Money Exchange Rate etc , etc.. controlling all the screens from one location. We will be giving, the complete flexible options to our clients to have their video commercials with many screens in different locations .